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Yes, this is the “About Us” section, but really it’s all about you: You and your dental practice, your dreams, your success.

Our “Sherpa” philosophy is simple. You tell us where you want to take your practice, and we’ll show you the best route to get there. Whether you’re growing a practice, managing your back office or boosting efficiency and profits, we make your job simpler, easier and a heck of a lot more lucrative.

No matter how wild today’s competitive landscape gets, our expert staff works with you to keep you ahead of the pack. We’re nimble and responsive, because everyone at DDS Tax & Accounting is informed and aware of your needs, not just a single alpha leader.

Our Full Cycle services for dentists guide you and your practice from start to finish, from graduation to retirement.

What makes us different?

  • Accounting for dental practices is highly specialized. So everything we do is tailored strictly to your needs.
  • We act as your expedition leader in multiple disciplines such as:
    • Dental practice funding
    • Insurance service for dental practices
    • Dental practice tax & accounting
  • We're overachievers. More than 75% of our team members are either CPA’s, EA’s, CPA Candidates or hold Master's degrees.
  • We don't own any dental clinics, so our advice is always objective.
  • No other consultancy for dentists has our range of experience. We've been working and innovating in tax & accounting & practice advisory services since 1979.
  • Our experts become trusted members of your team, assuring integrity, confidentiality and your best interests.
  • We help you not only survive, but thrive. That means helping you reach and exceed your goals more quickly than you ever thought possible.

You're an expert in dentristry; we're experts in the business side of things. Allow us to guide you to higher earnings, lower taxes, enhanced net worth and a better quality of life.

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