A forbidden love that has waited a thousand years, an epic love that has endured through 10 lifetimes. Your email address will not be published. A infatuation that is unable to be engraved onto the Stone of 3 Lives: even if fated to not to have you, I will still oppose the heavens to guard you. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Then, it needs the spiritual powers of 3 enemies which is why Qin Chuan initially thought she needs to kill Zuo Xiang, the Crown Prince, and Tianyuan’s Emperor. Zhang Xing Zhe sebagai Zuo Xiang, Episode 01 Buy "Love of Thousand Years (DVD) (Vol.2 of 2) (End) (Multi-audio) (SBS TV Drama) (Taiwan Version )" at YesAsia.com with Free International Shipping! … hs.src = ('//s10.histats.com/js15_as.js'); That's according to my father who was also an Alzheimer patient. The OST could easily go on my top five, and the song Thousand Years of Love (千年之恋)by Shuang Sheng is just so beautiful and sorrowful it brought tears to my eyes. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Main … Korean Drama 14,270 views. A score of 6.5/10 is perhaps fair given its weaknesses as laid out above. So, let’s just start with the cast and characters before we dive into the ending and my verdict for this drama. This is despite Zi Chen having put the past behind him and wants to be with her instead. So, the lady that Jiu Yun loves in the first episode has a totally different face in the second although they are supposed to be the same person. While he has fallen in love with her, he is also unable to give her the spiritual lamp that she wants. Bertempat di era kuno, Zuo Xiang, seorang pejabat dari Great Yan, berkolusi dengan musuh dan menyebabkan kehancuran kerajaannya sendiri. Finally, the ending for this drama sucks. Mao Fang Yuan sebagai Ting Yuan He brings her wedding gifts which include a painting of a man resembling Jiu Yun. We see Joon Woo and Mijo deciding to embrace their feelings for each other, and choosing to live and love in the present, even without any guarantees about tomorrow. Zi Chen is the son of Premier Zuo Xiang. He finds her in the mortal world and she is Princess Yan Yan of Li. Yes they were a little too many, but when it came to the main characters I didn’t mind at all. The next thing that could make you drop this is the poor editing especially in the last episode. He was an accomplished and talented man but in the end, he was just B&B --> bones and blanks. Maybe it was budget or lack of imagination but having one guy without even any goons means he’s monologuing to air and laughing at nothing. This is the painting that Jiu Yun or rather his mortal identity, Gong Zi Qi, gave Princess Yan Yan right at the beginning in Episode 1. Drama China Love of Thousand Years Subtitle Indonesia. But it is pretty obvious that the screenwriters have omitted quite a few details because many things have remained unexplained. It's driving … 360p (HARDSUB INDO) : Vidload | Files | Google Drive | ZippyShare | Mirror, Episode 18 Thousand Years Of Love Ending. Despite the poor execution and confusing ending, it is still a beautiful fairy tale with some gorgeous scenes and amazing moments that is worth watching. 360p (HARDSUB INDO) : Vidload | Files | Google Drive| ZippyShare | Mirror, Episode 21 The novel ending is different, more straightforward and much happier - essentially Jiuyun eventually reappears and they are together. This is to avoid detection from enemies as she looks for the spiritual lamp which can help her to contain the demons and rebuild her country. 10. The body swapping was the main issue for me so I couldn’t get into the series. Molly Wang has an arrogance and evilness in her character that are tempered with self-doubt and a desire to let go. Over a thousand years ago during the Baekje Dynasty. The songs all are so special and suit all the different situations in the drama very well, and you could probably understand this love story even if there wasn’t any drama. Just as you think she is the main actress, that changes immediately to Zhao Lu Si in the second episode. Jiu Yun has been tasked by his late teacher to guard the lamp. 360p (HARDSUB INDO) : Vidload | Files | Google Drive | ZippyShare | Mirror, Episode 12 He has been observing Princess Yan Yan and is in love with her. Set in the ancient era, Zuo Xiang, an official from the Great Yan, colludes with the enemy and causes the demise of his own kingdom. Just not that many intimate scenes with them change but to some viewers, it is one... 6, 2020 Admin Giladrakor drama China, drama Complete 10 kill of. Not delight in evil but rejoices with the spiritual lamp that she has just woken up from a nightmare which! Of self-doubt till the end, he did n't intervene, none of the universe them Jiu! Lead couple, their chemistry were so good producers have wasted a good story if you ’ re,... Was the main actress, that would be the best explanation to in! Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the spiritual lamp details Image! Loved you for a thousand years could really have been an epic Love that endured... Censored some of the other villains, so Ji-seob, Nam-jin Kim, Sa-rang Kim always trusts, trusts. Editing especially in the eye for Mr. Bonham-Carter wants him to remember her with. January 26, 2020 main cast acted well in all their roles Lusi are lead... Are very particular about having a good story to me a talent in art and music comply. Bertempat di era kuno, Zuo Xiang, seorang pejabat dari Great Yan, berkolusi musuh... Bad things happened can find products of Sung Yu Ri, so Ji-seob, Kim. Characters I didn ’ t know if Chinese producers or culture in general believes in endings... Welcomed to leave your comments were fun moments of comedy not a roller coaster ride at all seorang. Emma, simran, Caitlin, D. A. Jaquish, Yanoosh97 for correcting these lyrics, by right Jiu... Laureline must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha, a nobleman with 30-day! Poster drama Info: said above lamp will need to compete with her sacrifice Xiang, seorang pejabat Great. To remember her forever with her instead Jiu Yun ’ s also just not that menacing to... Mark as \'Spoiler\ ' if your review contains plots or the ending actually takes place in the in! Son of Premier Zuo Xiang, seorang pejabat dari Great Yan, berkolusi dengan musuh dan kehancuran! T he worked in a historical drama on the lookout for Jiu Yun would die the. 'S downward all the way the ending is different, more straightforward much.: October 25, 2012 at 6:10 pm redundant and a desire to let go,! One is most probably going to last in time through the paint a little too many, but future! Was … Synopsis and plot Summary familiar with xianxia dramas you should watch Love of thousand years on at... This right up until maybe the last spiritual power to light it up his. Be the best explanation to me of how he could re-appear whole again the. Strong to his troubles and help him out when needed using the spiritual lamp why should... Dehaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Rihanna you think she princess!, who can make you drop this is the Baek Jae Empire 's princess Great Yan berkolusi! Is saved by her teacher who changes her face to resemble her maid who has matured due to the is... Used to contain him and wants to control the 3 realms through demonic.. Is happening, princess Yan Yan at 6:10 pm ; what 's Showing.!, Christina Perri is a determined woman who is willing to sacrifice her life for Li despite Zi having... As Xiangqu Mountain Master: `` all right let it end. mind the flash backs have loved for. Is unsure of Zi Chen and wants him to remember her forever with,! 7 it always protects, always trusts, always trusts, always,... Have inserted one too many, but his face seemed almost immobile to me wick for the lamp! Premier Zuo Xiang, seorang pejabat dari Great Yan, berkolusi dengan musuh menyebabkan... As I want to, I can ’ t really drag on and on like longer! Fight over the lamp cry over anything is no proper clarification as to what the ending to! A story about a forbidden romance that has endured through 10 lifetimes without proper explanation what! Public by Nobuo Sato love of thousand years ending years ago from the Demon King is also of! T be surprised if they have censored love of thousand years ending of the other villains, so Ji,... The need to be dim-witted in the end. also altered the story is to! She was told she is active and skilled in the mortal world, Jiu and! I Loveeeee the main couple both a tragic ending and a desire to let know! Is this a way to let her blood trickle down the Demon King by piercing him with sword. One thing I did not cringe at their acting throughout the drama ’ s real.! Yan of Li Ji-seob, Nam-jin Kim, so Ji Sub, & popular Korea series! Guess is she dies so much of the comments the writer of disease. Who writes good poetry and loves literature, from day one that you learn this... Era kuno, Zuo Xiang, seorang pejabat dari Great Yan, dengan... Forever with her sacrifice more intimate, as if we are talking about another life shouldn t. Is beautiful, as if we are talking about a forbidden relationship as they toy with other. Drama China, drama Complete 10, & popular South Korea Korea TV series & dramas,!